There Was No Winner For The Illinois Lottery Jackpot On Saturday Night

was there a winner for illinois lotto game on saturday

The Illinois Lottery is a state-only lottery game offering players a chance to win big prizes with a minimum jackpot of $2 Million. Lotto drawings take place every Monday, Thursday and Saturday night at 9:22 PM CT and tickets may be purchased either online or at any licensed Lottery sales agent; tickets cost $1 each with the Extra Shot feature costing an extra $1 that multiplies non-jackpot winnings up to 25 times! All tickets also become eligible for entry into both Lotto Million 1 and Lotto Million 2 drawings!

Since Illinois Lotteries started operating in July 1974, their revenues have provided significant funds to education projects and programs. Winning numbers are selected using random number generation from a computer program; lottery ticket buyers have up to one year from the date of draw to claim their prizes by signing and keeping their ticket safe in an accessible place.

If you are interested in playing the Illinois Lottery, there are several key details you must keep in mind. First, register on their official website with your name, address, phone number and email address. Once your account has been created you can log into it to select which games to play before purchasing tickets using either credit or debit cards.

Once you purchase tickets online, not only can you view results of past draws but you can also review winning numbers and prize breakdowns from each draw on this site. Furthermore, Quick Pick numbers can also be created and generated for future drawings; and latest winners and results can be found at Illinois Lottery website homepage.

Saturday night saw no winner for the Powerball jackpot – which had reached over one billion dollars – but Chicago suburb sold winning tickets in Mega Millions drawing, while another family won over $1 Million from a scratch-off ticket.

Illinois residents can play the Lottery from home or their mobile device, selecting from games such as Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto, Lucky Day Lotto and Pick 3. You need access to an internet-enabled computer or download their official app from their app store on mobile phones – plus watch their live draw broadcast on YouTube – then your winnings from playing will be deposited directly into your online account where you can cash them out at any authorized retailer – though be wary of scams as these may come your way and expect them from people pretending they work for such rewards – the Lottery will never ask this of you but be wary if people try getting money or valuables out of you in return – the Lottery will never asks you for anything like this and you should avoid giving out money or valuables as prizes must always come directly from within itself or from anyone claiming them – never give money or valuables as these will never come from anywhere unless requested from them as this.

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