How to Talk Down a Monthly Internet Payment Bill

how do you talk down a monthly internet payment bill

No matter whether the internet is your main means of connection or simply another utility in your home, many consumers overpay. With some skill and patience it may be possible to negotiate for a lower monthly bill with customer service representatives; we talked with professional bill negotiators for tips on lowering cable and Internet bills.

Remembering the other person on the other side is human should always come first; don’t insult their intelligence or show disrespect when approaching a representative about what you need more of than they’re providing you. A representative can trust you more easily when they feel they can depend on you to respect their time.

Negotiate for a better rate based on poor service, particularly if it’s persistent. Be ready for this step ahead of time as it may take multiple calls and conversations with different agents before getting your issue resolved. For maximum effect this strategy works best when supported with data such as AT&T speed test results or other providers that offer similar services in your area.

Many people assume their internet service provider is giving them something for nothing, yet many don’t consider negotiating their contract to reduce monthly rates. However, companies want your custom for various reasons; losing you to a competitor costs both financially and in terms of employee training costs. That is why threatening cancellation is sometimes an effective way to push for lower monthly rates.

Researching all available internet providers in your area and being aware of their fees and charges will make you an adept and confident negotiator when the time comes.

Preparing yourself for an hour-plus long conversation with your ISP should go smoothly; their representatives may need to go back and forth trying to determine exactly what it is you need. Bring snacks and water along as refreshments may also come in handy during this meeting.