How Many Jobs Are Available in Health Care?

Due to an aging population and rising medical needs, healthcare services have increased dramatically over time. Employing thousands of doctors, nurses, therapists and assistants as well as making significant profits–it accounts for one sixth of GDP! — the industry has flourished considerably.

No matter if you are seeking to change careers or simply gain more insight into health care, it is vitally important that you know which jobs exist within this field and their types.

The healthcare industry is an expansive sector of the economy. It encompasses numerous occupations from secretaries to building staffers. Furthermore, this industry encompasses numerous subsectors that operate under it such as ambulatory healthcare services, hospitals and nursing and residential care facilities – each requiring specific skillsets and knowledge for optimal function.

Health care professions represent a wide spectrum of jobs within health care. Direct patient-care workers such as physicians, dentists, nurses and veterinary technicians make up much of the healthcare workforce; others such as secretaries and clerks provide support services at health facilities. There are also highly educated medical professionals that examine, diagnose and treat patients in clinical environments – this group comprises highly educated individuals who have undergone professional training to practice medicine.

All healthcare workers play an invaluable role in community and social well-being, yet their profession poses unique challenges. Most notably is their fear of contracting an infectious disease, prompting many healthcare workers to wear personal protective equipment on a regular basis – in addition to working long and demanding hours.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, health care employment is projected to expand rapidly over the coming decade. Growth projections take into account both new employment opportunities as well as workers who leave their positions permanently.

Though its impossible to know exactly how the workforce will develop in the coming decades, health care is expected to remain an integral component of American economy. Healthcare workers will become an ever-increasing necessity as profits generated by this sector grow exponentially.

If you are considering a career in healthcare, it’s essential that you become informed of all available jobs. By doing this, it will enable you to make an informed decision as to which health care profession best fits you; regardless of which path is chosen, healthcare remains one of the most rewarding professions available today.