Fortune Gods – How to attract Wealth, Prosperity and Good luck This year

You may have seen the Seven Gods of Fortune, or Shichifukujin, on New Year decorations or at a Japanese train station. But how much do you know about these deities and what they can bring to your life?

Often associated with themes of wealth, prosperity, and good luck, fortune gods are revered as guardians that help us to attract opportunities for financial success and abundance. They also serve as a reminder that fate can be kind and that individuals can attract the luck they need through their actions, intentions and by seeking their blessings.

While many cultures have their own fortune gods, there are some common ones that are shared worldwide. These include Tyche, a Greek goddess of fate and fortune, Hermes, the Roman god of travel and luck, and Nemesis, a Greek goddess of retribution and justice.

In Chinese culture, the God of Wealth is known as Shen Xin. He is believed to be responsible for the world’s resources and entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that everyone can live well and prosper. In addition to wealth, Shen Xin is said to promote health and longevity. He is especially helpful for those with illnesses related to the liver and kidneys. He is also known to protect against misfortune and bad debts. Inviting Shen Xin into your home can be a great way to increase your chances for financial luck this year.

Traditionally, a statue of Shen Xin should be displayed at home or in the office from February 4 through March 5. During this time, it is important to clear away any negative energy and light a green candle to attract wealth. You should also make a list of the things you wish to achieve this year and recite the Shen Xin prayer. This is a powerful way to attract money and ensure that your dreams will come true.

In Japan, the Shichifukujin are often referred to as the “Seven Lucky Gods”. These deities, which originated from a blend of Shinto, Taoism, Buddhism and Hindu beliefs, are worshipped at temples and shrines throughout the country. The Shichifukujin consist of Ebisu, Daikokuten, Bishamonten, Benzaiten, Hotei and Jurojin.

Daikokuten, the God of wealth and industry is represented with a mallet and a sack of treasures. He is the ideal deity to invoke when you need financial prosperity and is often prayed to in business settings. Benzaiten, who is the only female of the seven, is known as the Goddess of writing, art and music and is a reincarnation of Maitreya (a future Buddha). She can help you imbue your work with creativity and success. Finally, Hotei is the God of laughter and happiness and is a wonderful God to call on for joy and success.

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