WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp business helps businesses build trust with customers through a personal, fast, and convenient communication channel. It also offers essential tools to help manage customer requests at scale.

Some of these features include Verification, Custom away messages, and Labels. In addition, you can also access messaging statistics to see how well your communications are performing.

Custom away messages

WhatsApp Business is a great tool to communicate with customers, but it doesn’t give businesses full, streamlined control over their customer support. For that, they need a solution like WhatsApp Business API.

This solution lets you assign incoming messages to multiple users, and it can also help you with internal messaging. It can save you time and effort by letting you manage multiple WhatsApp Business accounts in one place. It can also provide you with vital metrics, such as how many messages have been sent and read.

WhatsApp Business API is an enterprise-grade solution that allows you to automate conversations and access important analytics. It also gives you the ability to send media-rich messages and interactive buttons that let customers select from a list of options. This creates a more personalized experience and reduces the amount of manual work needed by your agents. Additionally, it can help you increase conversions and revenue. WhatsApp Business API is also more cost-effective than SMS.


WhatsApp Business is a messaging app that offers an array of tools to boost customer service and sales. It differs from WhatsApp in that it is geared towards businesses, requires a separate phone number and offers features like labels to organize conversations.

For example, Muntstad uses the label ‘after-sales inquiry’ to categorize incoming messages so that they can be easily picked up by the right team. This helps them reduce the time needed to answer customers and avoids missing any questions or problems.

Moreover, brands can use WhatsApp to drive social commerce by creating an inventory catalog on the platform. This allows them to share product information with customers, including price, description, website link and product code. This eliminates the need for customers to send a message asking for the details of each item and saves valuable customer time. Mukuru, a money transfer company in Africa, used this feature to increase the reliability and security of wire transfers for the financially excluded communities it serves.